Wanderfoot was formed in 2011 around the idea of creating soulful, original, modern roots music. We create music from the world around us, telling stories of the struggles we see, and reflect through song those deep universal experiences that we all share. All of that creates an eclectic sound that combines rock, folk, reggae, blues, and many others. Each story dictates the sound, and we try not to get in the way.

Michael Strivelli

Michael is a long-time resident of Tallahassee, and has been involved in the arts since he was a pup. He has professionally produced art including photography, illustration, sculpture, and glassblowing. Michael has owned a couple of small businesses, held a great number of various jobs, and worked as a community organizer, exposing him to many classes, cultures, and mindsets. Drawing inspiration from his experiences, relationships, and his meager and tumultuous upbringing, Michael reflects the world through his songs.

Michael was classically trained in music as a youth and spend a long span of years in a symphony, but he took a multi-year hiatus to focus on other arts, but returned to music with a passion, learning guitar, mandolin, uke, and banjo. Since 2010, Michael had been writing songs, and performing solo as a singer-songwriter. In addition to playing guitar, mandolin, and lead vocals, he has also acted as the PR guy, and manager.

Doug McQueen

Doug is an international man of mystery.

Brandon Groom

Born and raised Jefferson County, FL , Brandon’s musical talent began to blossom at the age of 8, when Brandon began singing in his local church choir. Growing up in the church provided him a musical playground where he was able to learn how to play not only the guitar but the bass, drums, piano and other percussion instruments. He spent the next 13 years seasoning as a young musician and vocalist. Blending the sounds of gospel, soul and rock he began working as a Minister of Music/Worship Leader here in Tallahassee and in Palm Coast, FL where he recorded on multiple studio albums.

After realizing the church would be perfect if it weren't for the people in it, Brandon stepped away from the church scene and began catch up on a few things he missed out on. This lead to a brief acting adventure in which he starred in several short films and the full length movie ‘County Road 14’ where he also wrote a song featured in the movie. With Wanderfoot, Brandon is now back to his musical roots delivering heartfelt and soulful vocals and acoustic guitar styling.

Tyler Mauney

Tyler Mauney started playing Jazz professionally on the double bass at age 17. After about a decade he returned to school and received a BFA in Music from Concordia University of Montréal under the guidance of Andrew Homzy focusing on Jazz arranging and composition. Tyler then moved to New York City and continued his post graduate studies privately with Mingus arranger Sy Johnson.

Since moving back to his home town of Tallahassee Florida in 2008, Tyler has been a member of a number of local bands including Silver Daggers and Missus and the Walking Sticks, and currently is a member of Langtry, Wanderfoot, and Phlox while still occasionally sitting in at local Jazz jams.

Chris Buda

Chris was born in Jacksonville, Florida and has been playing drums since the tender age of 8. Drawing inspiration from his two older brothers who played locally and in Gainesville helped to fuel the passion he has developed. Chris played in many bands through high school, and then focused on his collegiate and football career, thanks to a full football scholarship from Syracuse University.

Since moving to Tallahassee, Chris played in numerous bands, including the Irish/Punk Quartet, County Hell and The Folk-rock band, Missus and the Walking Sticks. Chris also has played drums for a independent film about an all-girl band. In addition to Percussion, Chris plays guitar and Mandolin, and is the official bodyguard for the band.